How often do I need to change my razor?

All of our razors feature a Pure Silk® Promise that delivers a pivoting head and ultra thin, open flow blades that allow for easy cleaning and long blade life; however, the duration of a razor largely depends on a user’s hair texture and shaving habits.

What is the difference between the Pure Silk® Three and the Pure Silk® Contour 6™?

Our Pure Silk® Three features a comfort grip handle and lubricating strip to ensure a smooth, clean shave. Our Pure Silk Promise on every razor is a pivoting head and 3 ultra thin, open flow blades that allow for easy cleaning and long blade life.

The Pure Silk Contour 6 features a unique Double-Flex Head™ that flexes and adjusts to every contour of your body. Our Pure Silk Promise on the Contour 6 razor is 6 ultra thin, open flow blades that allow for easy cleaning and long blade life and dual moisture bars infused with aloe to calm and protect skin. A comfort grip handle on the Pure Silk Contour 6 ensures a smooth, clean shave.

What do the moisturizing strips do?

For legs that look, and feel like Pure Silk, our Pure Silk® razors are best paired with our Rich and Luxurious Moisturizing Shave Cream. See which one best fits your needs, here.

Where can I find Pure Silk razors?

Our Pure Silk razors are carried by the following major retailers:

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*Availability may vary by location

If you would like a more specific retailer list related to a particular Pure Silk razor, reach out to us here.

Where can I purchase Pure Silk products?

Pure Silk products are sold in mass merchandise stores, drug stores and supermarkets across the country.

How can I let Pure Silk know how much I love its products?

We appreciate hearing from our consumers about their experiences with our products. Please feel free to submit your applause here. We may select your story to be posted on our Web Site.

How can I find out if a product has been discontinued?

If you are trying to determine whether a product has been discontinued, please submit your inquiry here.

Do you test on animals?

We are pleased to say that we do not test our products on animals.

How can I receive coupons for Pure Silk products?

Coupons are offered periodically in Sunday newspapers and coupon mailers, but also watch for ads and features at stores in your area.

How do I submit a new product idea?

We enjoy and appreciate hearing from consumers and product users. However, as a company policy, Pure Silk does not accept unsolicited product ideas.

Do Pure Silk products contain gluten?

All of our Pure Silk products are gluten-free, except Pure Silk Coconut & Oat Flour Shave Cream which may contain traces of gluten.

Do Pure Silk products contain Casein?

All of our products are Casein-free.

What if I didn't find my question here?

If you did not find the answer to your question, we want to hear it. Simply send your question via our Contact form.